• Case study : Wesco

Wesco Aircraft Discovers How to Allocate Cash Faster

Wesco Aircraft was challenged with their cash allocation processes and the integration of these processes to their ERP system, JD Edwards. They implemented Rimilia Cash, which automated their cash allocation and increased efficiencies. Now, Wesco has an auto-match rate of 91%, so employees are more productive and focus on what’s important – client relationships.

Wesco Aircraft is the world’s leading independent distributor and provider of comprehensive supply chain management services to the global aero- space industry. Founded in 1953, Wesco has been in operation more than 60+ years and has grown to serve more than 7,000+ customers with global workforce operating across 50+ locations in 17 countries.

Wesco Aircraft was challenged with time- consuming processes to allocate cash and support their enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, JD Edwards. They were updating the sales ledger and allocating cash manually, plus they had multiple points of reference when allocating multiple payments. All of this reduced the team’s efficiency and productivity.

Wesco selected Rimilia Cash to automate some of their manual processes and increase efficiency. Rimilia worked with Wesco’s team during each
stage of the implementation to ensure a smooth transition. Prior to go-live, Rimilia provided on- site training so the teams had experience using the new solution.

Since implementing Rimilia Cash, Wesco’s cash allocation process has been dramatically improved. Now, Rimilia Cash has become the single point of reference when allocating customer payments. Plus, Rimilia Cash has eliminated a lot of the employees’ manual and time-consuming tasks, and they can now post and apply payments directly on the sales ledger.

In fact, the integration was so successful and efficiency was so greatly improved that Rimilia

Cash was rolled out to the corporate headquarters located in California.
With Rimilia Cash, Wesco Aircraft has achieved:

• Auto-match rate of 91%
• Fewer manual processes
• A single point of reference when allocating customer payments
• Increased focus on customer relationships

“Wesco operates in a multi-currency industry and initially, we assumed the Rimilia Cash software would not meet our high expectations. However, the team at Rimilia discussed our requirements in depth and re-configured the software to create a solution that was customized for us. We now enjoy an 85-95% multi-currency match rate, which allows the Accounts Receivable team to focus on debt collection using clean, accurate and up-to-date sales ledgers.”

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