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Intelligent cash allocation, credit management & collections

We provide companies around the globe with faster cash allocation, clearer information, and better control over cash flow. As a global solution, Rimilia works with any currency, any bank, any ERP, in any country and language.

Financial Relationship Management (FRM)

The right debtor relationships are critical to your success. Rimilia is the first and only AI-powered automation platform built to manage your customer’s financial relationships in real-time.

Intelligent Cash Allocation

With Rimilia, you can automate repetitive processes, reduce manual effort, and significantly improve your matching rates and clear down times. This is a fully inclusive (any payment type, remittances) solution and has unrivalled match rates and clear down times, all in a controlled and secure environment.

Intelligent Cash Allocation Automation

Our award winning cash allocation solution has taken the market by storm, with over 150 pre-built match rules, and unrivalled match rates of 95% with a simple out of the box delivery model offered to any company, in any country, using any ERP and any bank files.

Encompassing a built-in intelligent remittance and fast cheque capture, Rimilia Cash is now recognised as the world’s leading solution in cash allocation.

  • One system, one view on cash in real-time
  • Allocates to invoice level without remittances
  • Eliminates manual keying and errors
  • Advanced remittance and cheque capture as standard

AI-Powered Credit Management & Collections

Your collections team need all the help they can get. With Rimilia, you can focus resources on the important tasks and leave behind traditional methods of collecting data from sheets and sales ledgers. Our intelligent finance platform will change the way you work from day one.

Also by seeing the cash as it hits the bank, you get a real-time view and don’t have to wait to have the cash applied, providing more detailed information about your client and how they pay you.

AI-Powered Credit Management & Collections

Rimilia Collect uses state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence to simplify the complex and unlock your data. It’s simple, no fuss set up means you can be up and running very quickly and benefiting from the intelligent predictive analytics that Rimilia Collect provides.

The solution works alongside your sales ledger to provide a real in-depth and simple insight into your customer behaviour. Predicting the payment patterns of all your customers, highlighting when a customer will pay and alerting you when an action is required or when a customer payment trend changes.

This allows you to call the right customers at the right time, on every occasion.

  • Built by credit professionals for credit professionals
  • Intelligent Collections: The right actions at the right time
  • Dynamic reporting and dashboards
  • AI-powered predictive analytics enabling real-time cash flow forecasting
  • Automated SMS, email and letters that are easy to change

Resolve Disputes

Customer disputes arise for many reasons, for example differences in price, quantity or quality. Rimilia Resolve was specifically created to efficiently manage and resolve customer disputes.

Once the dispute is first raised, Rimilia Resolve uses the integration between different departments involved to assign an owner. From there, each dispute is managed through a centralized system that your organization will be able to see status updates with case tracking.

Rimilia Resolve processes disputes using a different dispute code for each type of business transaction that may cause a complaint. From there it logs the status of a dispute as either open or closed. The status and code controls subsequent actions on the dispute – such as notifying employees via workflow processes.

The user-friendly dashboard is easy to understand, providing an overview of dispute statuses along with an analysis chart to track the information that is most pertinent.

Dynamic Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

Cash flow is the lifeblood of every business and accurately forecasting the cash that will flow into a business on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis is crucial to ensure there are sufficient funds available to meet the organisation’s financial commitments. Rimilia’s intelligent finance platform allows organisations to see ahead by predicting customer behaviour.

This ability to forecast and predict payments and collections behaviour is the cornerstone of our system; delivering credit managers and their teams real-time visibility of their cash position.

Rimilia’s intelligent finance platform allows organisations to fully integrate cash, credit and reconciliation solutions underpinned by dynamic predictive analytics operating in real time, enabling them to control and accurately forecast their cash flow.

This ability to forecast and predict payments and collections behaviour is the cornerstone of our system; delivering finance professionals and their teams real-time visibility of their cash position and the ability to chase the right customers.

AI runs across all of our solutions from Cash Allocation, Bank Reconciliation, Collection and Credit Management, allowing the prediction of customer behaviour and a visibility of real-time data and analytics. In a digital world – these provide the cornerstone of efficiency and accuracy.

  • Ability to predict customer payment behaviour and timings
  • Take account of user intelligence – e.g. promise to pay
  • Real time cash position and forecasting
  • Eliminates unallocated cash

How It Works

All of our cash automation solutions come out-of-the-box with cloud-based delivery, which means they can be up and running very quickly, allowing you to begin enjoying the benefits within 6 weeks.

A simple and transparent pricing model means you will be able to enjoy a fast return on your investment and all our solutions are future proofed, giving you peace of mind that any future upgrades are included in our pricing model so there are no hidden surprises.

Being able to offer such transparency is why we are proud of our 100% customer retention rate. Our innovative cash automation solutions all come with in-built learning capabilities that ensure that they adapt and self-learn continuously, resulting in improving your process and increasing efficiencies with unrivalled match rates and razor sharp predictive analytics.

Using our unique award-winning software customers can be confident that they have the best solution today and for the future.